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The cat in Bristol, southwest England, was found curled up with the illegal stash.
We cannot arrest and imprison our way out of our serious drug problems.
It would be Australia's second medically supervised injecting room for heroin users.
Prescription drug addiction might be far more widespread than originally thought. UK Addiction and Treatment Centres (UKAT
We have a solution that will help severely dependent people and it should no longer be ignored.
I'm on a quest to interview some of the world’s greatest minds to imagine what a post-war-on-drugs world might look like in our own country.
The Pennsylvania couple likely died within minutes of each other.
Half of admissions to leading rehab clinic now for amphetamine use.
The intent of the enforcement regime of Australia's national drug strategy shouldn't be to arrest more people, nor seize more drugs. Rather, the intent behind our illicit drug enforcement strategy should be to reduce the supply of these harmful drugs in our communities.
In Australia's popular culture, what celebrities do and what happens in the UK and US are important. And if this is true for Gen Y Australians, then increased heroin use shouldn't be a surprise.
Heroin and cocaine are among drugs set to be decriminalised in Ireland as part of a "radical cultural shift" that will also
An Australian woman of Vietnamese origin has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for trying to smuggle heroin in her underwear
Justice groups fear nicotine-addicted inmates could turn to more serious drugs as a state-wide smoking ban in NSW prisons