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Living in a van never made me dangerous but a supervisor at the coffee chain forced me out because she thought it might.
With one ridiculously simple policy, it has almost completely eradicated street homelessness.
San Francisco has “the best technology example in the world and yet the worst homelessness,” Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said in Davos.
There is a constant threat of sexual violence and harassment against homeless women.
Sixty percent of Australians sleeping rough are outside the major centres.
I thought life among the dead would be macabre and sad, but the people here in Manila have built a warm, welcoming community.
'There are ideas out there and we need to engage with them.'
Quick fixes and reactive responses won't solve the problem.
If the tents are moved out of sight, the bigger problems will move out of mind.
Clover Moore and settlement organisers have reached a resolution.
The NSW Premier has called on the City of Sydney to act on the homelessness crisis.
The political spat has continued over the future of the settlement.
Without government legislation for affordable housing targets our cities will become playgrounds for the rich.
Family conflict is a major problem for Australians aged 15-19.
Part two of 'Filthy Rich And Homeless' delivered some unsettling home-truths.
"Treated as invisible by day, seeking the safety of invisibility by night."
The most heart-breaking statistic is that 17,000 children 12 and under are homeless in Australia.