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Living in a van never made me dangerous but a supervisor at the coffee chain forced me out because she thought it might.
People are sleeping in “coffin” apartments, illegal shacks and McDonald’s restaurants.
There is a constant threat of sexual violence and harassment against homeless women.
Researchers are just beginning to consider how gentrification could damage longtime residents’ health.
Sixty percent of Australians sleeping rough are outside the major centres.
Free-standing homes keep getting bigger, even as the average house size hits a 20-year low.
The decision to fund a private school or university education used to be the biggest financial decision many parents made for their kids.
Scott Morrison has closed down the one area that was showing potential to contribute to alleviate our housing affordability crisis.
Plus other common misconceptions about the pros and cons of migration to Australia.
Delivering affordable housing is the answer. Eradicating stamp duty is not.
Too many of their voters are getting rich as a result of the property boom.
'There are ideas out there and we need to engage with them.'
Quick fixes and reactive responses won't solve the problem.
Low socioeconomic households will be pushed to outer or regional areas.
Removing the prospect of home ownership from millions of Australians not only creates a mass-scale indignity, but also leads to economic demotivation.