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Tests and scans may come back clear, but it doesn't mean the pain isn't real.
Kelly Clarke was visiting Fiji to celebrate her honeymoon.
An aura is a sign that a migraine is on its way.
'On the last day Connie could talk, she asked me to film this for Carrie... these were literally some of her last words.'
Cases of Lyme disease are on the rise - in fact, it's estimated they've quadrupled in the past decade. Just this week, former
There's a difference between someone having 'a cancer' and someone having 'cancer'.
If you physically recoil every time someone coughs or sneezes on public transport, then we’ve got some bad news for you. Not
Six-year-old Beau has a rare degenerative condition, Morquio A Syndrome.
A mysterious illness has killed 13 people and sickened 30 others in Liberia since April 23, according to the World Health
The sports broadcaster will still commentate on the 2017 AFL season.
If we don't act now, our obesity problem will continue to grow.
Let’s look at some of the arguments against a sugar tax, and pick them apart.
If it’s not Lyme, would the real disease please stand up? 
The day before Good Friday, my vaguely productive afternoon was cut short by a phone call from my son's daycare: he is coughing wildly; please come and take him home. Sure enough, my son's coughing fits sounded like a hurried conversation between a walrus and an old donkey.
On Thursday, April 25th, 2013 I was informed that I had tested positive for Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB), an
If you want to ask after someone, ask them in your normal voice, with your normal face, and be prepared for whatever the answer might be.
Go home. And don't take your computer with you. New research reminds us that working overtime is terribly unhealthy. The
There’s yet another gastro outbreak on a cruise ship -- this time the passengers of the Diamond Princess are the unlucky
Have you ever wondered how you manage to get through a particularly stressful period – whether it's an intense deadline at