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"We understand that we have hurt many of our Muslim brothers and sisters, and I’m incredibly disheartened by this," the singer wrote.
She said social distancing restrictions will change how she and other Muslims celebrate the "community-focused" holy month.
Muslim voters in the north of England have spoken of their fear and heartbreak at the re-election of a man who compared niqab-wearing women to letterboxes.
Shahin Indorewala is suing Fast Trak Management for allegedly refusing to hire her after she requested a religious accommodation.
Ferhan Khan knew he wasn’t like other people at school, never having an attraction to the opposite sex but with a traditional Muslim family and section 28 preventing teachers from discussing same sex relationships he had nowhere to find out about himself until university. What happened was a difficult relationship with his faith, which through time, has been rekindled and he now talks about this through advocacy work in schools.
But the former One Direction star is not dissing faith. “There’s definitely beautiful parts to every religion," he said.
“We are fighting for freedom to choose to wear or not wear hijab. Our fight is against compulsion. Our fight is for freedom of choice.”
Nearly a quarter of Americans ― 22 percent ― either don’t know or don’t believe that U.S. Muslims are granted the same constitutional
A new law allows Muslim women to marry outside the faith, just like their male counterparts.
What would it look like for a young, black Muslim woman to occupy space in the world ― fiercely, freely and without wasting
The controversial ban the burqa motion was defeated 55-51.
Roughly 2 million Muslims were expected to go on Hajj this year.
[object Object] Days after an explosion rocked a Minnesota mosque, President Donald Trump has yet to publicly offer his support
The post was riddled with factual errors and grammar mistakes.
Author Umm Muladhat [an alias - all she will reveal of herself is that she is an American-born psychology graduate] told
Al Jazeera English journalist Mehdi Hasan just shut down that theory.
Justin Trudeau spent Sunday marching in the Toronto Pride Parade and celebrating the event’s central theme: inclusivity.  So
“Nowadays,” she said in light of the disproportional and often Islamophobic coverage of terrorist acts, Muslims need “to