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Plus an airline breach allows Jetstar passengers on Melbourne flight to leave Sydney Airport without coronavirus screening.
She informed her Twitter followers that the Australian airline wouldn't allow her to travel.
Two hours is needed before domestic flights and three hours for international.
Jetstar has started charging passengers to travel with babies on their laps during domestic and international flights. Passengers
Apart from the odd award or positive ranking, airlines rarely make the news for good reasons. Like banks and telcos we bash them whenever possible. And while Jetstar deserved criticism yesterday, I can't help but think we are often too quick to condemn those magnificent men and women in their flying machines.
The airline has disputed the claim.
Jump on them now before they all fly away.
Two passengers have been escorted off a flight and could be banned from flying with Jetstar in the future after a mid-air
A Jetstar flight diverted to Brisbane and was left with just one operational engine on Thursday afternoon after an incident