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Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart said Tuesday that he was "stunned" to learn about Louis C.K.'s history of sexual misconduct. "You give your friends
Jon Stewart dropped by the CBS “Late Show” set on Wednesday, and things got messy in a hurry.  Stephen Colbert and the former
Jon Stewart has been spending his Donald Trump-era days living on a New Jersey farm, opening a separate animal sanctuary
Jon Stewart is back, and he has a message for the media: It’s time to break up with President Donald Trump.  The former “Daily
He also found what may be the one saving grace of the Trump presidency.
In 2006, four “Harry Potter” movies had already turned into box-office blockbusters and only one book, Harry Potter and the
Former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart isn’t staying idle. He’s got his animal sanctuary in New Jersey. And he’s got his coloring
Long before Donald Trump used Twitter as a weapon against his political enemies, he used it to attack comedian Jon Stewart
It’s been one hell of an election season so far, but one thing we’ve been missing from this massive political circus is Jon
'You don’t own patriotism, you don’t own Christianity'.