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Kevin Andrews

Abbott, Dutton, Bernardi, Abetz, Andrews and Christensen watched their electorates all vote Yes.
The tone of the 'respectful' debate just dropped another decibel.
Worst ever Newspoll and the emergence of a group of plotters dubbed "The Deplorables".
From Cory to George, Malcolm to Sussan, Centrelink to refugees, here's your 2017 cheat sheet.
The former Prime Minister rips into Turnbull over "grovelling" to the "mad right".
Kevin Andrews and Tony Burke denied the will of the NT people, he said.
Christopher Pyne has been shifted to a new role in the Defence portfolio.
Abbott's buddies want him returned to the frontbench.
Liberal MP Kevin Andrews, a staunch conservative ally of Tony Abbott, has called for the former prime minister to be returned
CANBERRA -- Treasurer Scott Morrison has insisted the Turnbull Government will not be forced into a “hot-headed response