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A 40-year-old man tried to force the young girl into his car, police said. Then Alexander Salas showed up.
Detectives Eddie Martins and Richard Hall resigned ahead of an internal department trial.
Her husband, Joshua Boyle, did not specify her condition.
Recent weeks have seen protests, falling approval ratings and threats of international economic repercussions.
Chloe Ayling told Italian police she was abducted and held captive for six days.
The British model allegedly sedated, handcuffed and kidnapped by masked men while in Milan has insisted her story is true
A 20-year-old British model who vanished after traveling to Milan last month was kidnapped to be sold in an online auction
“I was inside a bag and was only able to breathe through a small hole,” she told the website, having returned home to the
The young victim was taken to hospital after the 19-hour ordeal.
He was taken hostage in Sanaa in September, 2016.