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leadership spill

How does a successful opposition leader make such a mess of the prime ministership -- a position to which he had aspired all his life?
One only has to look around the world to find that political instability and unpredictability can have dramatic and catastrophic effects on social cohesion, progress and wealth creation. Neither citizens nor business invest their time, intellect, virtue or capital in unpredictable societies with unpredictable governments.
Ever wondered how Australia fares on the world stage when an important event, such as a leadership challenge, occurs? Badly is the answer. And sorry, there's no way to soften that blow.
Australia’s presumptive Treasurer hit out at his mate, shock jock Ray Hadley, who tried to get him to swear on a bible over
Malcolm Turnbull’s coup against Tony Abbott has given the Government an immediate boost in the polls, putting the Coalition
Suddenly we all have a voice, we can all add commentary to what is happening in our political arena regardless of if we skim read, understand how the Commonwealth even works or just like to write 'Same sh*t different shovel' on every Turnbull thread.
Political leaders need to raise the sophistication and professionalism of their media team and strategy. Equally, the media need to think about the standards to which they operate. Both are fundamentally important to the quality of our democracy.
Every now and then pop culture meets politics, and it very rarely goes well. This time, however, we're just in awe. The entire
The normalisation of political coups and short-lived Prime Ministerships are symptomatic of a country struggling to embrace the big-picture challenges of the 21st century, too timid to upset a faltering status quo.
By Abbott's reckoning there are two main culprits in the growing toxicity of the Australian landscape -- poll-driven politicians and a "febrile" media that "rewards treachery".
As a result, it is this Court's recommendation that no charges be laid against MALCOLM BLIGH TURNBULL at this time. Mr Turnbull's actions, despite being self-interested, can also be seen as a 'mercy killing'.
Ms Bishop told Nine's Today show Monday's events were emotional but she denied she had been disloyal to Mr Abbott. "He was
Kevin Rudd. Picture: Fairfax Media Rudd Prime Minister Rudd 2.0 didn’t last a year, serving from June to September. In that
Video Edited by Tom Compagnoni CANBERRA -- A “humbled” Malcolm Turnbull will be sworn in on Tuesday as Australia’s 29th Prime
Far from drawing a line under years of instability under two Labor Prime Ministers, the Coalition has now embraced the very 21st Century view that first-term prime ministers are fair game.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott is battling renewed leadership speculation in the run up to what may be a bruising by-election