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Growing up believing the right to love women was reserved for men, heterosexuality didn't just become the norm for me, there was nothing else.
The move triggered calls to "boycott Hallmark" on Twitter.
Meet Nic and Carla, a married couple who travel the country in their tractor trailer. Out on the road, Nic and Carla often face discrimination, so they created their own YouTube channel to share their experiences with the world.
Look after yourself, your friends and your family on Wednesday.
Research shows more than half of all LGBTQ people hide their true identity at work.
The women want “22" to stand as a "time capsule” for LGBTQ equality.
Popular YouTube vlogger Arielle Scarcella released a video this week that features a sexual health professional discussing
'We're praying to the glitter gods,' organisers say in the face of a drenching.
"This is a lot to comprehend coming from the outside.'