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"'I emailed the teacher but haven't heard back' is the new 'my dog ate my homework.'"
Anchor Dana Perino got more than she bargained for from Biden campaign adviser Symone Sanders.
Acting dishonestly can prime your brain for bigger whoppers in the future.
We've all told numerous fibs, 'white' lies of convenience to defuse awkward situations, protect people, and spare the feelings of friends. But beneath all that, why do we really do it?
Just my husband and I knew. We kept the secret like a tiny ember that was glowing stronger each day. But it all came crashing down when I opened a bottle of soda water at a friend’s dinner party.
Parents and their tall tales, eh, often used to save cash, time or effort somehow. But now I have become a parent, I have learned of various other motives for such small-child deception.
But don't expect his supporters to care.