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It's all about prioritising time for yourself.
No quiet corner or cross-legged position required.
I first tried meditation in my office about three years ago, when a group of colleagues met in a conference room for a quick
The RAIN acronym is an ancient Buddhist mindfulness tool to cope with hardship.
A little bit of ‘om’ can lead to a lot of ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’.
Yet another reason to schedule time off.
Kids should be in on the action, too.
We take our bodies to a day spa, but where do we take our brains?
Basically, it will help you dominate in the office.
You can take back the moment with a single, but special, exhale.
Public transport users, be honest. Do you spend the majority of your commute glued to your phone? Not actually talking on
There were no fewer than 40 different Virtual Reality seminars over the course of this year's SXSW Interactive festival, which saw tech leaders revisiting some ideas of yesteryear, having another crack, and succeeding handsomely. It seems that everything old is new again.