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"Nobody or nothing could kill him. Except mum," the Oscar winner wrote in his new memoir.
The singer is bravely opening up about how childhood sexual abuse led her to self-medicate in a powerful new memoir.
The book, co-written with Dan Piepenbring, explores the musician's family life, racism and path to stardom.
"He couldn't seem to cope with adult company at all," the "Rocket Man" singer wrote of Jackson in his memoir, "Me."
The actor's new memoir, "Inside Out," is rife with bombshell revelations on paramours including Freddy Moore and Ashton Kutcher.
The "Corporate Animals" actor wrote about the traumatic incident in her new memoir.
Roxane Gay, the author of several critically acclaimed books including Bad Feminist, Difficult Women and the just-released
“The story of my body is not a story of triumph,” Roxane Gay writes in her new memoir, Hunger, which publishes June 13. “This
Many of us reach a time in our lives when we think about writing down our life story -- our memoir. Whether it's something