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Infamous self-own captured on film during questioning over fraud accusations against Trump University.
Their lives have been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. How long will that stick with them?
Meanwhile, across Canada, there are small monuments that focus on healing and understanding of “Canada’s Holocaust,” which
It was nice meeting you but I forgot your name as soon as you said it...
The transition from sleep to wakefulness is far from instantaneous.
Brain training games can help boost memory and reduce the problems associated with the very earliest stages of dementia, such
Sorry, boss. I need another hour of sleep before I come to work.
Sherlock Holmes’ ‘Mind Palace’ is real, and it actually works.
Because it's never fun forgetting someone's name.
Alzheimer’s is synonymous with memory loss ― an affliction most of us struggle to wrap our heads around. But the disease
It reveals a lot about human perspective.
Pills to prevent cognitive decline are in the works. Here’s the latest—plus, some tips for staying sharp until they’re on the market.
What explains the youthful brains of "super agers"?
Gene Wilder gave us the golden ticket to childhood. In his role as Willy Wonka he created a sense of nostalgia and a magic for a time gone by, a sense of longing for childhood that went with him and cannot be replaced.
For the very ambitious who want to capitalize on the one-third of their lives spent asleep, learning while snoozing is the
If the brain doesn’t get adequate stimulation during critical years, there may be everlasting consequences.
Humans are a fortunate species. We are not the strongest or fastest. We don't have the biggest brains or live the longest
Don't throw away your old notebooks just yet. According to experts, sticking with a pen and paper has a some serious benefits