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Australian police have seized 400 kilos of ice hidden in chilli sauce bottles.
The 24-year-old will face Albury Local Court on Thursday.
Daniel Rushing, 65, was arrested and strip-searched after the 2015 mix-up.
More of what we're already doing, with fewer resources.
“It’s kind of a cross between ‘Breaking Bad’ and a ‘Sex and the City’ case.”
The National Ice Taskforce illustrated the type of strategic thinking that should be congratulated.
I'm on a quest to interview some of the world’s greatest minds to imagine what a post-war-on-drugs world might look like in our own country.
Police have seized 903kg of the drug, valued at $898 million.
They're worried about 'bath salts', but more people are abusing 'hillbilly heroin'.
Surely the best interests of your patient must always be paramount.
Now meth addiction is to be trialed with the jet lag staples of exercise and sleep.
The intent of the enforcement regime of Australia's national drug strategy shouldn't be to arrest more people, nor seize more drugs. Rather, the intent behind our illicit drug enforcement strategy should be to reduce the supply of these harmful drugs in our communities.
The boy and his brother found a small bag of white powder inside the container and alerted their father.
The cost of a treatment bed is far less than the cost of incarceration, which often is the alternative faced after months of addiction and waiting for treatment.
To have a lasting impact on the availability of ice, the Australian Federal Police will now need to pursue less tangible, but more complex and difficult strategies focused on addressing the diversion of drugs and precursors in the Chinese chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
After 32 years of policing, in 16 different cities and towns, I have seen that schools are our opportunity to reduce the risk of drug abuse by young people.
Ice is not some fairytale nightmare in some faraway land, it's on our streets, in our towns and our homes. The dealers are not imaginary demons and the users are not holograms; they're real -- our friend's children, our relatives, our families.
Many people using ice will not be long-term problematic users. They may try it and give it up, they may use for a while and then give up, so the first thing is to not panic and overreact.