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migrant crisis

Tens of thousands of people die or simply disappear during their journeys, never to be seen again.
The man left Ghana in October 2016 and once in Libya was kidnapped by a gang demanding money. Eventually his brother was
The migrants were all adults, mostly from sub-Saharan African countries, and all but three of them were men.
Many are left with no option but to attempt the extreme, like cross a river in sub-zero temperatures.
As Europe shuts out refugees and migrants, this Italian doctor has been welcoming them year after year.
At a time when the UN is calling for its largest ever humanitarian appeal to deal with crises like that in Syria -- and when the world is dealing with more displaced people than ever before -- Australia is just too far away from lifting its weight.
At least 3,770 people are thought to have died on Mediterranean routes last year.
Refugees and migrants continue to attempt a perilous journey to Europe.
The European migrant crisis continues to worsen.
By Steve Scherer ROME (Reuters) - A photograph of a drowned migrant baby in the arms of a German rescuer was distributed
The migrants — fleeing wars, oppression and poverty — often do not know how to swim and do not have life jackets.
Europe, desperate to stem the flow of refugees and migrants, has offered the fragile country help to stop migrants from leaving.
Watch children who participated in Willocq's photo series tell their stories in the video below. Posing in front of handcrafted
Over 80 people have been rescued from the capsized boat; the number of drowned is yet unknown.
Only 563 of the 20,000 targeted asylum seekers had been moved from Greece and Italy to the rest of the European Union.
“Children should not be detained - period,” said Francois Crepeau, U.N. Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants.
"What if this were happening here to us in a developed country somewhere?"
German intelligence officials say Islamic State may have sent fighters on this route to Europe in order to fan fears about refugees.
Up to 100 masked men, dressed in black, came together in Stockholm to attack people from immigrant backgrounds, according