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Almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, oat milk, macadamia milk, pea milk -- here's how these nondairy milks differ.
You’ve probably heard the old joke that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. In the minds of some people, that idea is all
Chances are, there’s more than just milk in your carton. If you take a look at the ingredients on your milk jug, you’ll likely
Your favourite ice cream is probably not ice cream at all.
Chances are you're not getting the most out of your milk.
As far as milk alternatives go, this is how the nut milk adds up.
It was so disappointing to read Pete Evans' suggestion that dairy foods, in particular milk, were unhealthy. He even went as far as saying that the calcium in dairy foods leached calcium from the bones causing osteoporosis. What a load of hogwash.