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Migrant leaders use common sense and community spirit to defeat vaccine misinformation and mistrust in the government.
Some ads push blatant misinformation about vaccines.
Children are not "nearly immune" to the coronavirus, Sandra Smith told her guest.
The US president's eldest son shared a video peddling false claims about a coronavirus cure.
A coronavirus vaccine is within reach, but its success may test whether social media companies are serious about cracking down on misinformation.
The president has repeatedly downplayed and even lied about COVID-19, leaving health officials to counter his misinformation.
Former special counsel Robert Mueller's report revealed that the ex-press secretary spread misinformation on repeated occasions.
The company is concerned about the impact of misinformation.
BuzzFeed reporter Jane Lytvynenko was reporting on the false news being disseminated on Twitter when she discovered that
For those of us who care about democracy and the importance of a healthy political discourse, a story published by Bloomberg