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Multiple Sclerosis

The “Legally Blonde” and “Cruel Intentions” star shared her diagnosis on Instagram.
(Reuters Health) - Women who breastfeed may have a lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis later in life compared to
When I was diagnosed with MS there was only one disease-modifying drug available. Now there are many options. 
It's all thanks to reduced inflammation.
In our email conversation, Jameson described chronic disease as an ongoing natural disaster of the body, similar to a tsunami
You represent my worst parking nightmare. Every time I park in a disabled space I fear judgement. Before opening the door I always survey who is watching. I then brace myself for the dirty looks, the sniggers and remarks. And today, you have delivered.
One aged care operator is tentatively reporting early success in sessions.
If we met in person, sitting around the office table, you would be impressed by my communication skills. You might even wonder whether I am over-qualified for the position. But then, something unexpected happens.
I wet myself in public a few days after my Facebook message to the person who left a note on my car went viral. I sympathise with people who don't understand. I didn't understand MS or disability until I was diagnosed. I do now.
This bike is very different to any other bike that you may have ridden -- it randomly sways from side to side, its gears