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Murder and Manslaughter

A landscaper has been charged in the deaths of five men so far.
Sheriff Oddie Shoupe told officers that he would rather they use deadly force than risk damaging patrol cars, according to bodycam footage
Esmond Bradley Martin’s instrumental research has helped the international community crack down on poaching.
When it comes to gun violence, we’ve become numb. Blame the media, blame Trump, blame “compassion fatigue.”
The Atomwaffen Division has emerged as one of the most disturbing and volatile hate groups in America.
“I believe that the people who shot and killed Bijan should be held accountable. Doesn’t matter if they are police officers or civilians.”
Scott Fricker and Buckley Kuhn-Fricker were shot and killed after reportedly separating their daughter from the boy.
The 16-year-old girl was convicted for stabbing a classmate 19 times in 2014.
October was the deadliest month in Mexico since the government first began recording homicides two decades ago, with a staggering
Strangely enough, some women see convicted murderers as “the perfect boyfriend."
Americans who live through mass shootings often need extensive mental health treatment. Charity can’t pay for it all.
After cycling through a series of mental health providers, Delgado now sees a psychiatrist once or twice a month. Before
The cult leader who masterminded the murders of at least seven people died decades after prosecutors sought his execution.
Editor’s note: Taking a cue from Slate, this article describes an American news story — the virtually unprecedented prosecution
Kevin Janson Neal, who on Tuesday went on a killing spree that left four people dead and 10 injured in northern California
President Donald Trump laughed on Monday as his counterpart in the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, shut down reporters’ questions
Most mass shooters target their loved ones or have a history of family violence.
"He just had a lot of demons or hatred inside of him."