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muslim women

Saima Chowdhury, 26, from Birmingham, is breaking the barriers of cosplay.
So many stereotypes surround the religious reasons Muslims keep their hair covered. Eight women set the record straight.
The author and TV presenter said children are often more accepting of diversity.
Soaliha Iqbal, 21, was 'on the cusp of tears' after a Paragon Hotel security guard denied her entry into the popular venue.
Race officials told the teen that she needed to have a written waiver in order to compete, even though she'd never been asked for one before.
Plus: Where women are training to be mosque leaders.
Fed up of people suggesting all Muslimwomen are ‘forced’ to wear hijabs, 17-year-old Lamyaa asked her dad what he’d think
Nike has created an athletic product specifically for Muslim women. The company revealed that the “Nike Pro Hijab,” a performance
“We’re not a monolith,” Chaudry said in the feature. “There’s this idea that we’re all cookie-cutter versions of one another
Photos began circulating Tuesday evening showing four armed policemen approaching a woman resting on the beach in Nice, France