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negative gearing

Too many of their voters are getting rich as a result of the property boom.
Governments are robbing young Australians of a secure and independent financial future.
It's not about breakfast choices or simply finding a better job.
Ironically Washington, rather than Canberra, may provide the answer to your housing affordability dreams.  
Our government does less to help a family buy its first home than it does for an investor who wants a fifth, sixth, or seventh.
The contrast between first and economy class symbolises much of what has changed in society over recent decades.
Supply is on his mind, but changes to negative gearing tax concessions are not.
We'd like to see the revenue generated from ending negative gearing reinvested into construction of high-quality, affordable housing.
Politicians won't want to put real downward pressure on house prices while Australians rejoice in their homes' value.
Voters at the next election may well make it their priority to replace our current pollies with those who will fix the problem.
The Turnbull Government is focused on creating an environment that makes home ownership a reality for all Australians.
Bigger first homeowner grants and stamp duty cuts won't fix the problem overnight.
I have three core proposals that will make housing more affordable for home buyers.
And why those who can help us wake up are happily asleep at the wheel.
The Vancouver tax has been undeniably effective in cooling the inflow of hot money into the regional housing market.
The Treasurer is against Labor plans to curb the controversial tax break.
Australia is unique when it comes to negative gearing.