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New York City

Musician Keyon Harrold, who filmed the incident, said the woman tackled his son and tried to search his pockets. The woman later found her phone.
Leonard Shoulders was hospitalised and "traumatised," his mother said.
The confrontation in a subway station happened the day after New York began imposing $50 fines for not wearing a mask on public transit.
The 'Greek' alum said she and a friend were trying to de-escalate a confrontation.
Three officers were hospitalised in what may have been an accident stemming from a poorly cleaned shake machine.
A historic uprising against police brutality in the city has seen the arrest of nearly 2,000 people, including me.
Photographers are documenting the highs and lows of life in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.
"I believe that it altered her brain and then she went back to the most horrific, unimaginable conditions," said Dr. Lorna Breen’s sister.
“She tried to do her job, and it killed her,” Dr Lorna Breen's father said of her tireless work on the front lines of the pandemic.
Officials acknowledged that statistics based only on lab-confirmed tests didn't account for people dying at home before they ever reached a hospital.