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organ donation

It's been a cacophony of emotions for him -- and for me, to witness my young child endure it.
A mum was overwhelmed with emotion when she heard her late son’s heart beating in his transplant recipient. Anna Ricks lost
The first person in the UK to have a double hand transplant says writing a letter to thank his surgeon has been one the highlights
More Australians than ever are giving the gift of life.
Please, register your decision to donate your organs.
When I crossed the finish line of Ironman Arizona in the States, my cousin Diane was there at the finish line. I shouted, “Your kidney just finished an Ironman!”
My transplant allowed me to live an amazing life. Fulfilling dreams of walking, working, studying and meeting new people every day. It also meant I had to witness many young friends die because an organ did not come in time for them. It made me ask, how come I got a second chance at life?
“It put us at peace knowing that Katelyn’s heart is still beating even though it’s not in her.”
You live in a crazy, crazy world. And crazy bad things happen here all the time. But it's important to realize that through