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He "shopped" for something nice to bring to Washington instead of attending a commemoration at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery of war heroes.
The Goop founder posted a selfie on a flight to Paris and joked about her 2011 film "Contagion."
The services at the Paris cathedral, which continued through two world wars and Nazi occupation, were relocated after this year's fire.
The attacker was also killed in the incident close to Notre Dame Cathedral.
A fire engulfed the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday. Photos show flames leaping from the historic cathedral
O’Naturel will serve its last naked meal on Feb. 16.
President Emmanuel Macron broke his silence to tweet his appreciation for the police overnight, but pressure mounted on him to propose new solutions to calm the anger dividing France.
Riots grip Paris once more as police battle to put out flames and keep order.
Three weeks of protests have left four people dead and were a massive challenge to Macron.
She said income inequality was a key reason for Saturday’s unrest.
PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron visited the graffiti-damaged Arc de Triomphe monument and held an emergency
Hundreds arrested and dozens injured in worst riots for fifty years.
In one video smoke can be seen billowing from the area around the Eiffel Tower.
The Ukrainian radical feminist activist group FEMEN claims responsibility for the stunt.
French President Macron warns of “the old demons” rising again, including nationalism — a clear rebuke of Trump.
“Please don’t celebrate it. It’s an act of remembrance and commemoration.”
The American president badmouths the French president on the eve of a celebration of World War I’s end.
Robbers armed with hatchets smashed hotel windows before making off with the jewelry.