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About 81,000 people around the globe have been sickened by the coronavirus that kept finding new targets.
A man who traveled to the Philippines from Wuhan died on Saturday, the Philippines Department of Health confirmed.
Small towns around the world -- and particularly in the Philippines -- don't have the infrastructure to handle a sudden rush of tourism.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte addressed a group of women as “bitch” on Monday during an award ceremony highlighting
The controversial president says he told a priest that he snuck into his maid’s room and “touched” her while she slept.
Friends and relatives have joined lines of rescuers to remove debris, one rock at a time, as a handful of sniffer dogs searched for survivors.
The gown was made in the Philippines with an obi sash.
President Donald Trump laughed on Monday as his counterpart in the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, shut down reporters’ questions
President Donald Trump used a series of public appearances in the Philippines on Monday to heap praise upon the island nation’s