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Expect more Doves, Bears and Adonises in the New Year.
Loyola University Chicago law graduate Brianna Hill said giving birth during the two-day test really put things into perspective.
Women aren't encouraged to talk about their miscarriages. But the more that brave, brilliant women like Chrissy speak out, the smaller that stigma will become.
The singer said her first experience of giving birth was "very traumatic".
"For the love of God, stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kid's penis," wrote Jenna Karvunidis.
The singer reflected on a 2008 appearance on the comedian's talk show, during which DeGeneres pressured her into revealing a rumoured pregnancy.
The model posted a series of black-and-white images on Instagram, telling fans that she's "growin' an angel" and that she "can't wait to meet" her baby.
The international student is counting on him making a last-minute flight from Sri Lanka to rejoin her before she gives birth in October.
The couple learned of the loss 10 weeks into the pregnancy.
"I can’t believe this happened," she remembered saying when she developed stretch marks during pregnancy.