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Besides the peanut butter, Steven Shrout walked around the dog park in a gold Speedo.
Both Brady Feigls are 6-foot, 4-inch pitchers with red hair and glasses.
"Is this for poo?" asked the actress on Twitter.
Had he known how hard the job was going to be, the actor’s Trump would have “told Putin to just give the job to Hillary.”
Of course the “Thor” actor heroically hammered back at the “Deadpool” star.
“My sister in law. ... i can’t thank her enough,” Schumer wrote on Instagram with pictures of the creation.
“And so it was said in the book of Snapchaticus 4:20,” a Twitter user joked.
“Unfortunately the Metaphor Department is furloughed.”
"You’re talking to the worst people in America, right? Of course you are."
An enhanced image from the Juno mission shows a big brown spot on the gas giant.