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Jemma Green knows that she is just "as effective and powerful as any man" and that her "ideas are just as worthy of being seen".
We laughed at the memes, but we missed an opportunity to talk about something more important.
The staggering rise of green politics is in direct opposition to the far-right populism of Alternative for Germany.
I would genuinely say that if I can do it, literally anybody can – you just need to be brave enough
From spurious libel cases to men with guns, ancient laws being dusted off to death threats on Twitter – we are seeing new methods all the time
The estimated number of trafficking victims in the UK is now 136,000.
The Arctic city is moving 2 miles away to stop it falling into the mine that created it.
Bush had a long record of public service, from the Navy to Congress to the United Nations to the CIA to the Oval Office.