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A new parliament group is leading the charge for Australia to become a republic.
This is the next logical step for the independence of our country.
Australia's 'Leave' campaign would be nothing like that which we've just witnessed in the UK. Instead of the fear and division that characterised the Brexit campaign, becoming a republic would reflect the best of Australian values.
Thousands of Australians have backed a new national flag, with ‘Southern Horizon' hailed as the most popular design in a
Newly named Australian of the year David Morrison will lend his voice to the Australian Republican movement. After listing
Monarchists have dismissed a declaration a calling for an Australian head of state and signed by all but one state or territory
Australia's ability to continue our quarter century of economic growth relies on plugging into the Asian transformation. To bolster our standing in the Asia Pacific century, Australia should become a republic. The business community needs to lead this debate.
Polling companies have conducted numerous questionnaires and polls asking segments of the Australian community whether we should become a republic. But the one group we have yet to hear from are Australia's multicultural communities.
It's not often that former Prime Ministers Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd agree on something, or even acknowledge the existence