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Santa Claus

And how to keep them from blowing it for their friends and siblings.
Even the prime minister got in on it this year.
Kerry Magro knows just how overwhelming the mall can be, especially during the holidays.
Should you encourage the 'Santa myth'?
For decades, ugly holiday-themed sweaters were a minor part of the Christmas season. They were lovingly lambasted like Grandma’s
Santa Claus is certain to put BBC journalist Nick Robinson on his naughty list this Christmas. The BBC Radio 4 “Today” program
’Tis the season to be destructive! Lauri Vuohensilta eliminates all trace of holiday cheer by squashing various Christmas
The popular Christmas song “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” warns kids not to cry or pout, but it doesn’t say anything about
2016 was an utter disaster on a global scale, but one amazing thing did happen. It was heartwarming to see America vote yet
Christmas came early this year for a Reddit user whose Secret Santa was none other than Bill Gates. Aerrix Laurel, whose
Liam Neeson’sSanta Claus is coming to town ― and he’s terrifying. The Northern Irish actor auditioned for the role of a mall
UPDATE: Dec. 14 ― The Knoxville News-Sentinel posted an article Wednesday afternoon saying it had not been able to independently
A record-breaking pub crawl, in the spirit of Christmas.
Dear Santa: All 8-year-old Dora from Croatia wants for Christmas is “love and peace in the world.” And a diary. Is that too
After years of keeping up the Santa Claus charade, parents sometimes have a hard time breaking the news of his nonexistence
There’s a black Santa Claus at the Mall of America in Minnesota, giving children of color a Kringle that looks like them
WARNING: This article contains spoiler alerts about Santa.