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"Coming to play golf is not what I would consider to be an essential purpose," Nicola Sturgeon said of the president's reported plan to visit during the pandemic.
Red ink continues to flow at the unprofitable resorts amid puzzling Trump Organization plans for a $185 million expansion.
“I apologise for my cat’s tail,” Scottish parliamentarian John Nicolson told his fellow politicians.
Queen Elizabeth and Boris Johnson's new photo is a meme for the ages.
“We have worked hard to make Turnberry a wonderful holiday park and are concerned that customers are put off due to the Trump effect.”
A British man who was sentenced to three months in prison for touching a man’s hip in  Dubai has returned home. Jamie Harron
The world’s first floating offshore wind farm has started producing electricity off the coast of Scotland. Hywind Scotland
The company behind the technology, Statoil, have been perfecting their design since 2009. Each turbine is a whopping 175m
Clarke was found bloodied and lying in bed, alongside some lengths of rope. His assistant Robert Dickson was sentenced to
Others, meanwhile, simply enjoyed Trudeau's encounter with the Queen for what it was. He was then introduced to the Queen
Nicola Sturgeon has delayed plans to hold another Scottish independence referendum, following the general election which
“It is outrageous that the Prime Minister believes she can secure her own political future by throwing money at Northern
Reports that Nicola Sturgeon is to put plans for a second independence referendum on hold to instead focus on delivering
'I don't know what made it go a little bit crazy.'
Officials with the World Wildlife Fund UK said the analysis of Lulu sheds light on a larger problem. “The shockingly high
A group of 50 politicians from across Europe have signed a letter stating that an independent Scotland would be “most welcome
Spain would not vote to block Scotland’s bid to rejoin the European Union if it votes for independence, the country’s foreign
Sturgeon has said there is an “unquestionable democratic mandate” for a referendum, after Scotland voted Remain and May’s