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Sharing Economy

It's just one of the startups creating new opportunities for millennials.
There are a few things that drive me into a blind rage: call centres that 'accidentally' hang up on you after an hour of waiting, motorists that won't let you merge in busy traffic, and people bagging the sharing economy because they don't like Uber.
I am so lucky because I have the best mum in the world (I also know that I am biased), and last week, after our 12-week scan showed a happy, healthy baby, I got to tell my mum the good news.
It's the panic that wakes us in the middle of the night, fearing we don't have enough. It's the illusion of scarcity. An illusion, that while we logically know has no basis, never seems to fade. If they have more, then we don't have enough.
Pet lovers, rejoice! Because now you can go on holiday knowing your furry friend is in safe hands thanks to recently launched
A new handbag, golf clubs or a weekend away might be on some people's wish list this Christmas, but we're willing to bet
There is huge economic and community potential in the emerging peer-to-peer market. I want to see Australia embrace it, while ensuring we have the right rules in place to protect workers, consumers and the public good.
CANBERRA --- The Federal Opposition has moved to try and harness the economic potential of the sharing economy, while seeking
The funny thing is that you start to see your posessions in a different way -- like a resource to be shared rather than something to be owned. This is a pretty liberating mindset as items around you suddenly become revenue sources rather than depreciating assets.
The Australian Capital Territory is the first jurisdiction in the world to legalise UberX. The ride-sharing taxi service