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Simon Birmingham

'I feel for her family very much at this point in time,' Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said.
The government says borders will likely stay closed until 2021.
He thought he was to be paired with an 'adolescent girl advocate'.
Senior minister Simon Birmingham has denied claims his Cabinet colleagues have been urged to keep quiet and back away from
Ten crossbench votes appear to have been secured, but this is not over yet.
The revamped schools funding package is about to hit the Senate.
A Liberal Senator is making a big statement on his way out.
And an "overwhelming majority" will tell the Senate to say no to new higher ed reforms.
"You're making students pay for corporate tax cuts!"
Malcolm Turnbull gives a Gonski, just not Labor's sort of Gonski.
It's officially the 'Quality Schools Initiative', but basically it's another needs-based funding system.
He believes it is an "important" step in bringing the Budget into surplus.
Concerns relate to independence, financial management and governance.
All politicians are being pleaded with to take politics out of energy security.