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Student reps claim to be reclaiming the youth vote for the postal survey.
Instead, believe in our teachers and concentrate on what IS working.
Also on HuffPost Shola lives with teacher Helen Harris, who supports students with the animal care programme.  The pup isn’t
She says Labor and The Greens have used her for 'political point-scoring'.
And an "overwhelming majority" will tell the Senate to say no to new higher ed reforms.
NEW DELHI -- Over 300 girl students were hospitalised today after toxic fumes spread due to chemical leakage at a container
A, B, C, D, E, F, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
For when you and mi goreng just need a break.
A teacher decided to invite a group of her pupils, who have special educational needs, to her wedding, as she knew the day
McKenna Clark left her criminal justice assignment to the last minute and - after a drunken night out - realised she desperately
We don’t know the extent of this issue and whether the existing programs at universities are effective. But we are going to find out.
I am a teacher because I have experienced first hand the role education can have in lifting young people out of a cycle of disadvantage. I am a teacher because my own teachers showed me the enormous impact that these professionals can have on the course of someone's life. I am a teacher because I can see myself in my students.
This student's night was a real pain in the backside.
It's almost like everyone is ignoring the massive elephant in the room: no strategy works if any of the kids are having a shit day. Or a shit life.
For up to 1 million students heading back to uni, a year of questionable finances loom as they balance rising rent prices
Ah, the life of a student. American movies often portray it as a lifestyle of parties, endless summers and the chance to
A pledge to get 10,000 children coding in Australian schools by December 2016 has become the ambitious New Year's Resolution