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syrian refugee crisis

In my home, Deir ez-Zor, the situation is worse than ever.
If you pay attention, history has an eerie way of repeating itself. To drive home that point, UNICEF released a video Friday
The president plans to make good on one of his most discriminatory campaign promises.
It’s the first attack of its kind targeting Jordan from Syria since the Syrian civil war began.
The refugee crisis is testing the limits of Greece’s flagging economy, jeopardizing its ability to handle a flow of refugees
Poland elected one of Europe's most right-wing parliaments this weekend, kicking out the long ruling centrists and handing
When I asked the families under what circumstances they would return to Syria, the majority said they never would while Assad remained in power unless, as some of them said, it is to "die a quick death".
The refugee crisis has divided Germany. Despite Chancellor Angela Merkel's warm words and saintly intentions to shoulder
Australia runs the risk of denying protection to some of the most persecuted and vulnerable victims of the Syrian civil war if we fail to look beyond Christians, Yazidis and other minorities when determining who to resettle.
Amid chaotic scenes in Croatia, crowds of migrants briefly broke through riot police lines at the border with Serbia. People