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The two singers were rumoured to have dated for a short time over a decade ago.
A TikTok video revealed a quirk that has fans talking -- and some are annoyed that this is still a thing in 2021.
The Australian actor and her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, recently moved to Australia.
The "School of Rock" funnyman is wet and wild in another comic romp.
The rock legend applied her own touches to her Fleetwood Mac hit and won in a landslide.
Nathan Apodaca has been living the "dream" since he filmed the video last month.
She gets sparkling clean results, raising the question just how often should you wash pillows anyway?
The 41-year-old reality star and the teenage influencer started hanging out earlier this year.
The mother of the TikTok creator — who was not injured — was rummaging around the attic when she tripped.
In fact, she's been using Storm Francis to her advantage.
The Disney Channel alum modeled her characters and gave a snide shoutout to President Donald Trump.
"The Tonight Show" host made quick work of the US president's threat to ban the short-video app.
A TikTok from a former restaurant hostess rated celebrities she met on a scale of 1 to 10, and Bieber scored only a 3.5.
"If y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated," Julian Bass tweeted. It worked.
These dummies make "Glee" even more disturbing.
TikTok users and K-Pop fans flooded the campaign with ticket requests to falsely inflate interest.
The clips sum up the discrimination Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face.
"He's just kind of BSing his way through the presidency," Cooper said.
The "Truth Hurts" singer talks about her exercise journey over the last five years and tells fans: "Health is also what happens on the inside."