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Getting nude every day is one way to fasttrack a relationship.
Because your four-legged friend also deserves some fun.
Earlier this week the internet was outraged after a woman did something totally inappropriate with her feet on a plane, but
It always starts with the swear words. And then the basics, then finally the interesting stuff.
Avoid like the plague.
From NYC to Paris, these cafes have got you covered.
Including what happens if the work dries up.
Re-adjusting takes time and generally only those who have also spent considerable periods away from home will understand how you feel. Speak to these people. Laugh about your adventures over a cocktail and keep up your new habits. If you learned a new language don't let it go. If you learnt how to cook a special dish, keep cooking it. If you learned to love a new sports team, wake up at 3 am to watch those playoffs.