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The president claimed the Democrats would never accept a stolen election, so many Twitter users pointed out that's what happened in 2000 and 2016.
Why pander to the "heritage" of a rebellion started solely to defend the right to own Black people as slaves? Critics say it’s simple: He’s a racist.
The former national security adviser's memoir claims the US president asked China to help his reelection effort and urged Xi Jinping to build concentration camps.
“He’s shaky. Weak. Trouble speaking. Trouble walking. So why aren’t we talking about this?” The Lincoln Project asks.
Adam Kinzinger is one of many reeling from Trump's meltdown attack on an outspoken critic in the press.
Trump golfed twice over the weekend as the coronavirus death toll in the United State approached 100,000.
Kayleigh McEnany was talking about Barack Obama, not Donald Trump. And she was referring to the death of journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002, when Obama was an Illinois state senator.
Obama should give up golf while US president to "really focus on the job," Trump scolded.
The billionaire investor tells Sean Hannity that Trump hasn't shown any leadership.
The House speaker noted on MSNBC Tuesday that the US president is "always talking about other people’s weight."