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virtual reality

RYOT's virtual reality fashion show will showcase the work of designers Charli Cohen, Damara and Sabinna, and gives us a glimpse into the immense opportunities for fashion presentations in the future.
A lack of space for cemeteries in crowded Hong Kong is clashing with the Chinese tradition of reverence for ancestors.
He got down on his virtual knee to pop the question.
Now you can experience via VR what only a few hundred people see each year.
North Korea is one of the most secretive, and fascinating, countries in the world. It is unsurprising then that actually
A single treatment can take up to ten hours.
Users should 're-immerse themselves back in the real world' by taking frequent breaks to rest their eyes.
We're about to see another format war play out.
"When I came out of it, I had purpose in life."
The inspiration for this project is a bit of a tear jerker.
Technology is letting us 'live inside' our dream house. Quite literally.
When the time comes to pilot a mech in defence of humanity, I won't be called.
Mark Zuckerburg is onboard with this Australian-made Oculus Rift app.
Google has finally lifted the lid on how it’s going to persuade you that virtual reality really is the future. It’s called
It is feasible that in the near future we will be able to go to Beyoncé's house, explore her wardrobe with her and be there to record her next album. The more media and technology delivers these stars to us, the more intimate our relationship becomes.
Elon Musk must have taken the red pill. The eccentric tech mogul made plenty of bold claims during Recode's annual Code Conference
Facebook wants us to believe that virtual reality will connect us to one another no matter our geographic divides. But for