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Whether it’s hot water with lemon, tea or Bulletproof coffee, find out what’s worth a sip and what you should pour down the drain.
"The Late Late Show" host isn't worried about dry humour.
There’s up to 16 times more trash than scientists had thought.
Photographers from around the world competed for the best underwater photo.
Officials said the South African city now has until April 16 when its water taps will run dry.
Allegations of water theft upstream in the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) have prompted South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill
WASHINGTON — Mexico has joined a growing global effort to safeguard the world's oceans with the creation of a marine reserve
Everyone has a connection to water. It does not discriminate.
Droughts are becoming more common in Kenya, but harvesting water vapour could help.
The 2015 Dungog floods struck swiftly and were ultimately lethal.
Want to know exactly where it is? Sorry, it's still a secret.
Plus how much you should be drinking per day.
The giant triton sea snail loves eating crown of thorns starfish.
Conservationists are outraged over the Federal Government's draft plans for 44 Australian marine parks, saying it almost
It is apparent that some of the vegetation on the south and west of the island is a bit greener, likely because it was partly
2. This journo in Cuba battling with his clothing But it’s likely that most of the reporters will share Lah’s view that it’s
The category four storm has made landfall in the U.S.
MIRAMAR, Fla. ― One of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever weakened to a tropical storm as it barged toward northern
The U.S. was closely followed by Lebanon and India