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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren believe some Americans have too much money, and they’re not alone.
We need to stop wanting more and be content with what we have. 
His net worth jumped $10.4 billion in a single day to $93.8 billion.
Gates has given away so much of his fortune that Amazon's Jeff Bezos supplanted him as the wealthiest.
Tinkering at the edges of our economy is no longer enough.
My faith in the possibility of having very few at the top, and very few at the bottom, ​is as strong as ever.
Across Australia, people are feeling squeezed by stagnant wages and insecure work.
Why should the gilded few make decisions for the many?
Turns out we choose kindness over cash.
One only has to look at the current US election to see the impact inequality can have.
This week's Money Monday video was an important one...I tend to stress the importance of being debt free (from a personal
The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the average full-time income is $81,900 per year. This puts the average Australian worker in the top 1 percent of income earners on the planet. So why is it that we’re not among the happiest 1 percent?
It's eye-opening viewing.
Parents who can afford to opt for a private school no doubt believe that they are doing what's best. And perhaps they are -- for their own family. However, this "every man for himself" attitude -- although a natural survival instinct -- does not benefit society as a whole.
Jesus was quite clear on the question of tax, famously advising the Jews to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's. Fast forward to contemporary Australia and there's precious little rendering going on.