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work-life balance

All employers were graded based on 8 categories.
Younger generations are more aware but they still face a stigma.
Managing a personal life and full-time career is a skill very few can accomplish without compromising their mental health.
Many new moms say it's no surprise that their income goes down while fathers' salaries go up.
And women who work long hours are especially at risk.
It's important to keep a sense of predictability for his kids, he said.
Going to your workplace's happy hour might be more important than you think.
The Liberals could make it part of an overhaul to the labour code for 2019.
What would you do with an extra day off every week?
The opportunity to be your authentic self — whether it's as a woman, a mother or a wife — fosters a more positive and trustworthy workplace.
71 per cent of us still need to put in extra hours around the holidays.
"Time is a factor here and anybody who says it isn't is very privileged."
Figure out where you can save time, then re-invest it in more important endeavours.
You aren't supposed to have all of the answers. You are not supposed to be good at everything.
When we're at work, we give 110% all the time because it is the right thing to do.
Experience has shown me that the key to a happy summer is avoiding the tendency to worry about work when you're on holiday and wishing you were on holiday when you're working. That entails finding a work-life balance and can be easier said than done, regardless of whether you are an independent business owner or an employee.
I've lived it. For every hug or kiss that warmed my heart, I missed out on hundreds more. For every time I saw my son before bed, I missed many more opportunities. Looking back, there were plenty of times I convinced myself I was doing everything I could to be present and put my family first.
You'd be surprised at how many women don't. For the last three years I have been immersed in co-authoring a book on why women