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MMA-trained brothers appeared to get the better of the Sooners receiver and his pal in a viral video of the brawl.
The unknown man made it all the way to the end zone before getting tackled by security.
Klete Keller won two gold medals as part of Team USA. He appeared to be in videos of the insurrection inside the Capitol.
"I’ve made the conscious choice to avoid going to Australia vs India cricket matches for the last few years."
On Sunday, Siraj approached the umpire pointing towards the stands and the match was paused as police ejected six fans from the ground.
Some have been unclear about whether the the cricket ban also applies to people living in the Northern Beaches.
There's reports the tourists were unhappy at the prospect of re-entering strict quarantine for the fourth test in Brisbane.
Melbourne's Amritha Shakti sang India's national anthem at the Boxing Day match after being discovered on Instagram.
The cricketers showed support for the BLM movement and acknowledged First Nations Australians before the match started.
The 1986 World Cup winner suffered a heart attack on Wednesday, his lawyer said.