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10 Ideas To Update The Backsplash For Your Kitchen

You'll never want a white kitchen again.

Getting tired of the basic white tile backsplash? Try something a little (or a lot) different in the kitchen with a backsplash that makes a statement. Whether they’re subtle and natural or over the top, these 10 kitchens have style to spare.

Honeycomb. Hexagon tiles are nothing new — they’ve been popular for ages with good reason — but it’s not every day that you see them scaled up to this size or in a natural wood tone. By concentrating the hex tiles above the main work areas (cooktop and sink) instead of filling the entire wall, the honeycomb pattern really comes into focus.

Black and white wallpaper. The intricate, artistic pattern looks crisp in black and white, and pulls together the glossy white cabinetry and dark flooring in this contemporary kitchen. To protect wallpaper in a backsplash, cover it with tempered glass. In the future, you can remove the glass, replace the wallpaper, and put the glass back, all for far less than the cost of new tile.

Bronze mirrored. A narrow swath of backsplash is the perfect place to experiment with a special tile. Here, bronze-backed, beveled-edge mirror tile is laid in a brick pattern for a traditional look with a twist. The gleam of the mirrored tile would work especially well to boost light in compact kitchens.

Natural wood. Douglas fir boards on the walls and cabinets give this kitchen a soft Scandinavian feel. The Aga stove has a direct vent into the kitchen, so there’s no need for a hood.

Photographic mural. Many companies these days will turn any photo you provide into a custom wallpaper mural. Why not choose one for your kitchen backsplash? It’s personal, unexpected and can be as colourful or low-key as you’d like.

Stainless steel. It may be stainless steel, but this tile is anything but basic. With its natural gleam, it takes on a futuristic appearance when applied to a backsplash wall, and since it’s easy to clean, it’s both glamorous and practical.

Colourful wallpaper. Craving an antidote to the all-white kitchen? Consider an eye-popping wallpaper. Vibrant colour and bold pattern pair up in this lively backsplash. White cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and rustic wood features keep the room from becoming overwhelmed by this daring design choice. It’s best to protect your wallpaper investment with a layer of tempered glass.

Malachite green. These handmade glazed tiles in malachite green have an elegance that would work well in an open-plan space. Paired with black and warm wood, the effect is rich and sophisticated.

Houndstooth mosaic. Like a favorite textile pattern, this mosaic tile backsplash is handsome and dressed to perfection. Used in an open-plan space, the pattern provides polish.

Dark marble. A deep color of marble, like Calacatta Ocean, is luxurious and statement-making. Combine it with slate blue-gray cabinetry and wood floors for a glamorous-yet-classic look.

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