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10 Of Drake's Best Moments In 2015

Seriously, it was a good year for Drake.
TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 25 - Toronto Rapper Drake addresses media in a 'Hotline Bling' installation at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on November 25, 2015, prior to a Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers NBA game. (Cole Burston/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
Cole Burston via Getty Images
TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 25 - Toronto Rapper Drake addresses media in a 'Hotline Bling' installation at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on November 25, 2015, prior to a Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers NBA game. (Cole Burston/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

It's been quite a year for Toronto's very own 6 God.

The 29-year-old rapper's "If You're Reading This It's Too Late," became the first album of the year to sell a million copies, and his latest single, "Hotline Bling," almost topped Billboard charts at number one. (Adele, the only way we can forgive you for this is if that collaboration with Drake really happens.)

But staying true to his character and going beyond just the music, the Canadian rapper's year also included the continued love for his home city, a new look for his apparel collection at the OVO Flagship Store (which he co-launched in 2014) and even a (possible) summer romance we were all too happy to be believe in.

Below, we celebrate all things Drake by taking a look at his most newsworthy moments of 2015. From two new mixtapes to endless memes to an internet beef he clearly won, this year was truly a great year for the Canadian superstar.

February 2015: New Sounds
On Feb. 12, the Canadian rapper surprised fans with an unannounced mixtape, after teasing a new album since 2014 (which is yet to be dropped). The 17-track record (as well as two bonus songs), featured Lil Wayne, PartyNextDoor and newcomer Travi$ Scott. According to, Drake's mixtape became the first album in 2015 to sell a million copies and in August, it went platinum.

In July, the 6 God released one of his most creative videos to date for track "Energy," which morphed his face with the likes of Rob Ford, Miley Cyrus and even Oprah.
June 2015: Running Through The 6
Shortly after the announcement of his record-breaking mixtape, the rapper released tour dates a for a mini six-city tour in May and June called the Jungle Tour. Heading home to Toronto on June 2, it was the rapper's first time performing "Know Yourself," to a Toronto crowd — a hit that instantly became a city anthem with the line, "running through the 6 with my woes" — and as expected, it was a crowdpleaser.
July 2015: An Internet Beef Of A Century
In July, rapper Meek Mill called Drake out for not tweeting about his album and allegedly using a ghostwriter for one of his tracks. While ghosting writing and collaborating to make rap is nothing unheard of, Twitter was up in arms about an internet rap beef that would soon go down in history of internet rap beefs.

Following up to Mill's tweets and disses at several concert shows with girlfriend Nicki Minaj (he also got booed when Nicki's tour came to Toronto), Drake dropped not only one but two diss tracks in a matter of weeks. Both "Charged Up," and "Back To Back," freestyles became some of Drake's best hits and the internet continue to explode with memes and hilarity. And while we're pretty sure Drake won this battle (and keeps on winning), Mill did eventually drop a (terrible) comeback track.
A Summer Romance?
Cole Burston via Getty Images
Drake's love life has been on the down-low for ages (we're still reminiscing about the possibility of true Canadian sweethearts Keshia Chante and Drake), but this summer, Drake was seen several times with longtime friend and tennis superstar Serena Williams. While the two never admitted to their relationship (and they probably never will), Drake was spotted at several of Serena's matches and her fashion show sitting next to Anna Wintour. Williams also came to Toronto to support Drake's new restaurant venture (read more about this later) and the two were seen chatting with Drake's mom, Sandi, most of the night. And on top of this, we've seen plenty of paparazzi shots of the two having dinner and driving together — but we're guessing this is just the friendship they both claim it to be.

Oh, and how could we forget the Drake-Madonna kiss that took over Coachella?
August 2015: Another Star-Studded OVO Fest
George Pimentel via Getty Images
For any true Drake fan, the rapper's two-day Toronto concert during Caribana weekend is a music festival like no other. Not advertising any guests until the night of, the rapper blew fans away this year by a pre-show with J. Cole and Big Sean, as well a 30-minute Kanye fest, just weeks after the rapper hit Toronto for the Pan Am 2015 games. And since this was the in midst of Drake's beef with Mill, it only made sense to perform "Back To Back" twice. Other guests this year included Pharrell Williams, Future, Skepta and Travi$ Scott.
September 2015: Drake Gets Introduced To The Culinary World
George Pimentel via Getty Images
Just when you thought all the surprises were over, the rapper teased the opening of a new Susur Lee restaurant in early fall. With just the name Fring's, there was no menu, no location and not even an opening date. Of course, this could've meant anything, and after a secret party launch in September (we were there!), turns out Drake joined the Toronto chef and his sons in a new culinary venture. Fring's opened later in the fall and features tapas and a full drink menu. And if you think the rapper is the kind of guy who just puts his name on something and leaves, he was even recently spotted playing ping pong with one of Lee's sons last week.
September 2015: No Album, But Hey, More New Music
Scott Dudelson via Getty Images
Seriously, where's Drake's album? After waiting months and months for a new release, Drake went ahead and dropped another unexpected mixtape, this time a collaborative effort with rapper Future titled, "What A Time To Be Alive." The 11-track tape features hits like "Big Rings," and "Jumpman". It even debuted number one on US Billboard 200.
The Return Of The Glossy Cover
For most of his prime in music, the rapper generally declined interviews and photography for magazines. In 2015, things changed, and we started to see a lot more of the 6 God's personality again. In November, he was named Toronto's most influential person by Toronto Life magazine (an honour he says is his most important magazine cover to date).

Prior to this, he was featured as one of the covers on Fader magazine where he talked about his love for Toronto and working with producer Noah “40” Shebib. And trying something completely new for the first time, Drake also covered W magazine's art issue in October.
October 2015: Hotline Bling Is The Year's Best Meme
NBC via Getty Images
It's been turned into an ugly Christmas sweater,countless viral videos and has been dubbed with every genre of music. Drake's dance moves and video for "Hotline Bling," became the internet's meme of the fall that kept on giving.

Everyone has perfected the rapper's dance moves, from Toronto councillor Norm Kelly to fellow politician Thomas Mulcair to probably your own dad.
November 2015: He Continues To Be Toronto's #1 Fan
Ron Turenne via Getty Images
One thing anyone can appreciate about Drake is his love for his home city — he even coined the term now ubiquitous term "the 6." And while we imagine his upcoming album "Views from the 6" is nothing less than a love letter to his favourite city, Drake goes above and beyond for his roots. From co-launching an official OVO storefront to supporting the Toronto Raptors whenever he can to showing up to a free Ryerson University concert to sticking with his oldest Toronto friends throughout his career, he's loyal to the core.

Although the rapper did get called out for not responding right away to a shooting that led to two deaths during an OVO Fest after party (Drake wasn't at the event), he later wrote a blog talking about his silence.



Drake's Style Evolution

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