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13 Of The Worst Vegetarian And Vegan Food Offenders

Veggie Wraps And 12 Other Awful Vegetarian Food Offenders
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Listen up, makers of vegetarian/vegan foods, court is now in session.

Going out to restaurants as a non-meat and dairy eater is a lot easier these days: there are great meat alternatives, salads aren't so boring anymore and people understand how to cook tofu and soy, for example, to perfection. However, there are times when vegetarians and vegans are flat-out offended by your offerings.

No, we're not talking about finding out your fries were cooked in the same oil as the chicken nuggets or discovering a piece of steak in your vegetarian pasta or bad meat and dairy alternatives. We're talking about the sub-par entrees at restaurants or the lack of dairy options for vegans at cafes.

Here are 13 things that really annoy vegetarians and vegans. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below:

CORRECTION: This article has been updated from a previous version.

The Vegetarian Wrap
OFFENSE: There's nothing more frustrating than dealing with a soggy and cold so-called vegetarian wrap that rips apart with every bite.
VERDICT: The vegetarian wrap should be sentenced to going hummus-free for life.
The Dry Falafel
OFFENSE: Falafels are tasty when done right, but when a vegetarian (or anyone for that matter) bites into a dry, lifeless ball, it becomes incredibly unappetizing.
VERDICT: The dry falafel is sentenced to serve three months with hummus, tahini sauce and hot sauce.
Vegan Burger With A Not-So-Vegan Bun
OFFENSE: It's great going out and finding vegan and vegetarian-friendly burger options at a meaty burger joint. However, it's annoying to find out the burger you've been eating for the past 25 minutes is made with an egg bun. VERDICT: Restaurant owners are sentenced to offering exact details of what goes into their meat and breads.
The Cold Roasted Vegetable Sandwich
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OFFENSE: Roasted veggies taste great on their own, but when you decide to shove them between two pieces of hard OR soft bread, you're left with a hard-to-chew sandwich or a really soggy one.
VERDICT: The roasted vegetable sandwich is sentenced to never combining bread and roasted veggies ever again. Ever.
The Boiled Veggie Dog
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OFFENSE: Sometimes you want to stay healthy. Sometimes you want to avoid using a grill. Honestly, there really is no good excuse for boiling your veggie dog and putting it between two buns.
VERDICT: The boiled veggie dog is sentenced to being grilled for life.
Veggie Burgers That Are Only Veggies
OFFENSE: When you order a vegetarian burger and you end up with a burger made with vegetables. (Note: there is nothing offensive about a veggie-filled burger, but don't trick your customers into thinking it was a patty.)
VERDICT: The over-packed veggie burger is sentenced to having more soy, tofu, lentils or oats in its makeup.
Coffee Shops That Don't Offer Milk Alternatives
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OFFENSE: Going to your favourite coffee shop or cafe and finding out they don't have milk alternatives for vegans.
VERDICT: Coffee and cafe shop owners are sentenced to stocking up on almond, soy and other dairy-free milks.
Chickeny Couscous
OFFENSE: You may think you're doing yourself a favour ordering a couscous salad to diversify things up in the salad world, but one reader told us there's nothing more disappointing than finding out your couscous salad or rice was made with chicken broth.
VERDICT: We will make it mandatory for all chicken broth to be replaced with veggie broth, for life.
False Advertising Portobello Burger
OFFENSE: One reader told us about ordering a portobello mushroom burger and ending up with a hamburger with a portobello mushroom on top. What an outrage!
VERDICT: We sentence the fake portobello mushroom burger to go beef-free, pronto.
The Fishy Vegetarian Pho
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OFFENSE: Vietnamese pho is delicious, so if you're ordering one for take out, make sure you ask about the ingredients. Many pho dishes, and other Asian dishes, use oyster sauce or fish oil in their vegetarian and vegan meals. VERDICT: We sentence all readers to ask questions about ingredients BEFORE they buy something.
Vegan Cheese
OFFENSE:We've said it once and we'll say it again, people are not fans of vegan cheeses. The taste and the texture can completely throw off your nachos or pizza.
VERDICT: We sentence vegan cheese to get a cheesier makeover or just stop producing more vegan cheese altogether.
Tempeh On Its Own
OFFENSE: Tempeh is a great vegetarian and vegan protein alternative, but it can taste extremely bland if you don't add seasoning or sauce.
VERDICT: We sentence the boring tempeh to make friends with soy sauce, chili flakes and sea salt.
The Vegetarian Omelette Is NOT Vegetarian
OFFENSE: How can you spot a vegetarian or vegan at a typical breakfast joint? Their plate is full of potatoes, toast or fruit.
VERDICT: We sentence these restaurants to look into vegan sausages, vegan pancakes and tofu scramble!
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