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13 Things We Hate About Canadian Heath Care As Told By Medical Drama GIFs

13 Things We All Hate About Canadian Health Care

Canadian health care is the best in the world. At least, that's what we like to tell ourselves.

But the reality is that Canada ranks last among 11 OECD countries when it comes to wait times. And that's just the beginning of our problems...

1. Finding a family doctor takes forever
And then you end up on a wait list for two years.
2. Specialists and hospitals don't talk
Which means your specialist might send you to a hospital with a long wait time instead of one with a short one.
3. Hospital parking is SO EXPENSIVE
And nobody makes change inside.
4. Doctors are too busy
And it always feels like they're rushing you out the door.
5. Friends with doctors in the family get better service
They magically get appointments in two weeks instead of eight months.
6. We have to pay for drugs/dentists/vision care
But we always forget and end up forgoing care or emptying the wallet.
7. And don't get us started on mental health coverage
Which often isn't covered either.
8. Family doctors insist you can't use walk-in clinics
Because they lose money every time you do. Why is the pay structure like this again?
9. Preventative care takes a backseat
Even though it could help us save money.
10. Moving provinces is a nightmare
We're supposed to have universal health care, but good luck figuring out the paperwork to get reimbursed for out-of-province care.
11. It costs money to get a sick note
Why do we pay for you to scribble gibberish on a notepad? Feels like a hidden fee.
12. And to renew prescriptions over the phone
Now I'm going to the office for no good reason. But the doctor will get paid, so the system will lose money on the transaction. Genius!
Even after the eHealth scandal in Ontario.
Seriously, do they just hate computers?
But even though things aren't perfect
At least we'll always be better than them
That is all

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