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14 Things You Should Never Do During A Divorce
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You may be tempted to get back at your ex during a separation, but any divorce lawyer will tell you that going out for revenge may come back in bite you in the butt.

A recent poll by Toronto-based law firm Devry Smith Frank LLP found that 74.3 per cent of respondents believed they could, in fact, divorce amicably. In reality, however, family lawyer Julie Tyas says only about three out of 10 divorces keep things clean.

Tyas, who practices at Devry Smith Frank LLP, says people can do everything from steal money to turn their children against their spouses before their case gets to court.

“There are many more tactics that spouses use to punish their partners. Ultimately these will backfire if a judge sees them as punitive to your spouse and they could end up costing you money, your home, and in more serious cases, liberal access and custody of your children," she said in a statement.

Although divorce rates in Canada have been on the decline, Tyas says these so-called dirty divorce deeds and disrespect for your spouse is quite common.

"Chances are, he or she is feeling the same pain and frustration that you are. The best chance you have to live a successful and happy life post-separation is to try to make that happen for your spouse as well."

Here are 14 things Tyas says every couple should avoid before, during or after a divorce:

Stealing Each Other's Money

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